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Начал читать новый роман Нила Стивенсона "Fall; or, Dodge in Hell". Многообещающе и вот прям про сейчас, очень злободневно.
Вторая часть бодро начинается с fake news про ядерный терроризм в США.

"Corvallis wondered if the wording had been run by the networks’ lawyers. To call it a “nuclear strike” or “nuclear disaster” would be to suggest that it had actually happened. “Nuclear terror” only meant that some people were terrified. The network was hedging its bets. Because at some level, the people in charge must have figured out by now that it was a hoax. To come out and say as much would be to lose all of their viewers to competitors who were still acting as if it had really happened. Calling it “terror,” on the other hand, was no lie, and enabled them to keep pumping shit onto the air."
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